Ford is really on a roll these days, and the latest Expedition is indicative of the automaker’s truly expansive mindset. As the newest editions roll out, it is evident that this brand was on a serious mission to deliver next-level perks to drivers and passengers alike. Ultimately, the pursuit of modern innovations has led to a full-scale reinvention of this full-size SUV’s exquisite cabin.

In particular, the Ford Expedition Timberline is certain to be a massive hit in New Iberia, LA. The ActiveX seat trim is exceptionally suave, and it is joined by the flair of a distinctive official logo. Exotic Deep Tangerine stitching accentuates the door trim in addition to enhancing the high-class leather steering wheel wrap.

While enjoying the debonair atmosphere, drivers can lead unconventional adventures with ease. From the cockpit, you can utilize formidable Trail Control technologies like Zone Lighting and Trail Turn Assist.

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