When was the last time you stopped to consider the technology onboard the vehicle that you drive? A lot of people don’t stop to contemplate it until they are without something that they really would prefer to have on board. None of those individuals are people driving the latest Ford Fusion. It has all that they need and then some.

You will never go back to the days of not having your rear-view camera once you have gotten used to using one of these things. It is a luxury that is also a safety feature all rolled into one. It is wonderful to be able to see what is going on behind you whenever you are trying to back up the car.

Auto high-beam headlamps are a great addition to the 2020 Ford Fusion because they come on by themselves when outside conditions call for them. You don’t have to travel in the darkness when you shouldn’t. These small touches and a few others are what make the 2020 Ford Fusion stand out so much.

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