When SUVs first grew in popularity, consumers flocked to large-sized vehicles. Few thought a compact SUV would be possible. Today, the Ford Escape shows such a vehicle is more than possible. It can outperform other SUVs on the market. Consumers flock to the popular Ford Escape thanks to its many capabilities. So, what does this SUV offer the market?

Different Escape models come with special engines designed to deliver on driver wants. Choose the engine that provides the desired amount of horsepower best suited for you. If you choose the EcoBoost engine, you'll save money on fuel thanks to automatic start-stop technology. Moreover, the special SelectShift transmission option accommodates people who like aspects of both automatic and manual transmission.

Intelligent four-wheel-drive lends a hand to those interested in improved traction. Road conditions aren't always perfect. The intelligent system offers assistance to deal with potential issues.

Drive a Ford Escape in New Iberia, LA before you buy. Pick a model out of our showroom at Arceneaux Ford and go on a test drive.

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