What is the Purpose of Gaskets?

At Arceneaux Ford, our team wants our New Iberia, LA consumers to be informed vehicle owners. Your vehicle's gaskets are an important component of your vehicle, but what purpose do they serve? Let's find out more about gaskets below.

Gaskets form a bond between two surfaces to prevent fluids and gases from escaping. They can withstand a wide range of chemicals and are designed to tolerate extreme temperatures. Typically, gaskets are flat and can be made from a number of materials, but the most common material for gaskets is multi-layered steel. Rubber and copper are other common materials that are used to make gaskets.

There are certain signals that can let you know your gaskets are failing. If you notice foaming, gargling, and bubbling under the radiator, then there could be a compression hole in the gasket. In addition, if you notice a substance that looks like mayonnaise when you are checking the oil, then it could be a sign of gasket head failure.

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