The Ford Mustang Provides Superior Handling

The Ford Mustang has the deserved reputation of being a top sport and performance vehicle. For many years, drivers have enjoyed the power of the Mustang and its great reliability. When you own a performance vehicle like the Mustang, you expect great handling. The Mustang delivers.

The Ford Mustang features an independent rear suspension. An independent suspension is important because it lessens the body roll of the vehicle when you are going around corners. An independent rear suspension also provides a smoother ride with fewer bumps and less body lean.

You need great steering with a performance vehicle, and the Ford Mustang offers you selectable electric steering that is power-assisted. You are able to choose between three different assistance levels. Comfort mode provides the most assistance. Normal mode is much like driving any vehicle with power steering. In Sport mode, you are in control. You will receive the least steering assist with this mode engaged.

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