Be Prepared for the End of Your Ford Lease

Leasing a car makes perfect sense for Ford enthusiasts to upgrade every three years or so. Once the lease expires, you return the vehicle to the dealership. Do so the right way. Dropping off the car without preparation won't be helpful. You want a smooth transition to your new Ford lease deal.

Be prepared for any fees associated with excess mileage or wear and tear. With wear and tear, you may be able to seek compensation from an insurance company. Check with your provider to see about damage coverage. Also, taking the vehicle for repairs at a shop might prove cheaper than paying the dealer's fees. Whatever you do, don't drop the leased car off and hope for the best. Take preparatory steps.

Have an idea about the new car you wish to lease. This way, you can make a selection and get back on the road quickly.

At Arceneaux Ford, we have an excellent selection of Ford cars you can lease. Pick a new one from one of the best inventories in New Iberia, LA.



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